“Woman” is my slave name; feminism will give me freedom to seek some other identity altogether.”~ANN SNITOW

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 Feeling feminine? Girly? Lady-like? No? Me neither. Why is it that the term feminine makes you feel like you just stepped into a room full of pink pillows, sofas with doilies and fuzzy slippers. Ok, so I really like fuzzy slippers but that’s not the point. The image of femininity has somehow become synonymous with lace, bows and periods. It’s time for this to stop. Let’s come up with our own understanding of what it feels like to be feminine. This is quite a large feat so it may take a while but it’s worth a try.


  1. The quality or condition of being feminine.
  2. A characteristic or trait traditionally held to be female.
  3. Women considered as a group.
  4. Effeminacy.

Now, this does not mean that we have to stop wearing pink, nor does it mean that we have to burn our bras. This does mean that we have to evolve some sort of understanding of what makes us feel feminine.

All my life I have always been the definition of a  “girly girl”. I love wearing make up, dresses and high heels. I love diamonds and new purses. Shoes are my passion. I have adored the color pink and admired the appearance of puppies and small children. However, I also like to help paint rooms, put together IKEA furniture and wear sweats. I just don’t understand how this makes me unfeminine just because I like to get my hands dirty every now and then.

It is important to note my sexy ladies, that a word does not define you. You define you. Tony Robbins believes that how something makes you feel defines how real it is. Reality is made through our emotions. If you are looking to feel more feminine. Let’s try this exercise.

I say all the women reading this takes out a piece of paper and write down this phrase…

“I feel most like a woman when…”

I feel most like a woman when I wear something that feels good on my skin

I feel most like a woman when I wear perfume that smells so sexy

I feel most like a woman when I dance around the room in my sexiest underwear

I feel most like a woman when I give myself an orgasm

I feel most like a woman when I get a manicure, pedicure and new haircut

I feel most like a woman when I get kissed like a woman

Try it. See what you come up with. When you are done, promise yourself you will practice an act of femininity once a week. You will be happier and feel sexier.

Live sexy, your worth it. Get em’ Girl

~Madam Lux


“Wine is the most civilized thing in the world. – Earnest Hemingway

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Main Entry: civilized
Function: adjective
Date: 1611
: characteristic of a state of civilization <civilized society>; especially : characterized by taste, refinement, or restraint

Light & LegsLight & LegsThere is a line in the movie “Sideways” in which  Maya (Virginia Madsen) the love interest of Miles played by Paul Giamatti explains that she loves wine because it has a history, a personality, a home.

“Every bottle of wine tastes different depending on which day you open it.” – Maya

The “Sideways” was revolutionary movie in that it told a tale of finding infidelity and love through the medium of wine with a background of eloquent imagery. I figured it only fitting I explained the art of wine tasting as seen through the eyes of the creators of this film. So, here it goes…

Wine Tasting 101 from the cast of Sideways.

Cast of Sideways

 “Wine Tasting is an educated art that combines experience, knowledge and the cultured use of the three senses involved: sight, smell, and taste. Though it takes many years of practice to recognize certain wines and their area of origin solely by taste, once you know the basics of Wine Tasting, anyone can find it quite enjoyable.”


Wine Journal

“As you begin your journey into the wonderful world of wine, it is recommended that you keep a journal of the various wines you taste. This way, you will not only remember what you have tasted, but you may also compare it to other wines, track wines that you purchase or would like to purchase, and have a resource when describing wines to others in a pseudo-educated and pretentious way. If you so choose, you may also save wine bottle labels to remind you of the wine bottle appearance if you are searching for it later, since you may have been in a drunken stupor while initially viewing the wine bottle.”

“Make sure that your materials and environment are ideally suited for tasting. Your tapered wine glasses should be dry, clean and not washed in detergent, which may distract from the wine’s aroma and flavor. The ideal tasting environment is a light-filled neutral setting, free of distracting odors such as a call girl’s perfume or scented candles. It would also be helpful to have a white backdrop to hold the wine up against to gain a neutral perspective of the wine’s color. Your best buddy’s dirt-free white t-shirt will do just fine. You should not eat before tasting, as the flavors of your food may affect the tasting experience. Always taste white wines first, then rosés, then reds.”

The Process: Sight, Aroma & Flavor

Light & Legs
Light & LegsLight & Legs

1) Spit out your gum into an appropriate trash receptacle.

2) Fill the glass to 1/3 full with your chosen wine.
No more, no less.

3) Hold the glass up at a 45 degree angle and examine the wine against the light and look for color and clarity. White wines start off on the light side with a straw or greenish hue, and as it ages, it becomes a dark golden or even brown color. Red wines are dark purple-red, and as they age, they can become a lighter red-brick to brown. The wine should be clear and bright, not cloudy or hazy.

4) Swirl the glass. Visually observe the body of the wine, and check for “Good legs,” which may indicate a thicker body and a higher alcohol content or sweetness level. Swirling also releases the aroma of the wine or “bouquet.”

5) Now stick your nose in your glass (don’t be afraid to get in there) and smell the wine in a deep yet gentle whiff. A good whiff

The smell of a wine is called its “nose.” Contemplate the condition (gentle, musty, earthy), intensity (weak or full) and character (fruit or flower) of the smell and make a note of it. Your nose is more sensitive than your mouth, and can pick-up on subtleties. Therefore, spend as much time as necessary determining the intricacies of what you smell.

6) The taste of the wine is known as its “palate,” which you will determine next. Take a small mouthful and allow the wine to hit every part of your mouth, enveloping all of your taste buds. Don’t be embarrassed to swish around a bit like you are using mouthwash. Check for Sweetness/Dryness, Acidity, Tannin, Weight or Body and Fruit.

7) Use your spittoon to discard the wine from your mouth, so that your mouth can contemplate the aftertaste. Or swallow if you’re secretly seeking a nice buzz.

8) Take a moment and think about the experience of the taste, including your first impressions, the flavors while it was in your mouth, and the aftertaste. Make a note of these thoughts.

9) You are now on your way to becoming a wine connoisseur.

As with anything decadent, taste & enjoy 

~ Madam Lux

“Let me fix you a Martini that’s pure magic. It may not make life’s problems disappear, but it’ll certainly reduce their size.” ~ Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra

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I love martinis! I mean who doesn’t, lol. I recently visited the best place for martinis, Lola’s in West Hollywood, CA.

Yahoo! Education defines a martini quite simply…

mar·ti·ni  (mär-tn)  

pl. mar·ti·nis

A cocktail made of gin or vodka and dry vermouth.

If this is the definition of a martini then Lola’s in West Hollywood has redefined this classic drink. My love for martinis stems from the ability to have them in so many designs. Artistically, martinis are so diverse. No matter what flavor, color or name you have had the pleasure of enjoying, there is always another way to have it out there.

I must admit for a Friday night, the restaurant was not in the least bit crowded. I expected the usual for Hollywood, long lines, crowded lobby with the scantly clad hostesses (usually with too much makeup and too little air to breathe in tight black shirts). This was not the case at allPrivate RoomPrivate Roomwith Lola’s. Of course, we were in a private party, (as only the luxurious do) so upon entering the Spanish themed restaurant’s heavy vintage wooden door we were whisked away to a curtained off section near a fabulous window lined indoor veranda.

                                                            Private Roomlemondrop.jpg

O.k. so… on to the martinis. I tried Bust my Effen Cherry first. This is a cherry flavored martini that tastes along the lines of cranberry, cherry and pomegranate juice mixed together. You notice I never mentioned anything about the taste of alcohol, that because I didn’t taste any. If you love berry juice you will love this drink because it was delicious. But if you are drinking to get tore up, this one is not for you.

For dinner I had the Santa Fe Salad, which was excellent by the way. Grilled lime marinated chicken, black beans, roasted corn, Monterey Jack Cheese, tomatoes all served in a Tostada shell with cilantro vinaigrette dressing. Light, yet filling. This salad was very tasty.

Any who back to the drinks. . . I moved on to The Thin White Duke. This is was a twist on the White Chocolate Martini where Vanilla Vodka is added with the Chocolate liqueur to mix and give the taste of a vanilla cupcake and a tall glass of chocolate milk. Yummo!

Other loved drinks around the table: Cantelope Martini (“Very Melon-y”, said a friend), Red Caramel Apple (Just like a now and later candy), The Original Green Apple Martini (my hubby had this one, he said it’s the best he’s ever tasted. The bartender’s specialty and what they are famous for @ Lola’s), Lemon Drop, pictured above, (didn’t hear much about this one, but how can you mess up a lemon drop?)   

star fucker 2Another favorite of the night was The Star Fu*ker, picture left,… Red Bull and Vodka with sprinkled with sexy. The final crowd pleasure was Le Cirque De Soleil Martini w/ Ocean’s 11 edible flowers. This was the combination of two fabulous martinis that only a drunk person can ask for, but i will say it was the most beautiful and incredible martini I have ever had and TRUST I have had my fair share of martinis. I have included pictures below. If you love martinis, this is the place. Remember, if you go, mention my blog, then maybe next time I go I can get the hook-up. lol

The Crowned Queen, 

Le Cirque De Soleil w/ Ocean’s 11 edible flowersoceans11martini.jpg

Go There. Get Drunk, Get Sexy.